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      We recommend our products for children 3 years and older. Our tubbubble bath products have good skin tolerance. If your children are very allergic, please test carefully, if the essential oil in our products are well tolerated.

      Yes! Although the German natural cosmetics guidelines allow the use of raw materials produced by animals, like milk and honey, we are completely vegan. You can see our “vegan” sign on all packages.

      Yes! Cosmetics can be divided into 3 groups: conventional cosmetics, nature near cosmetics and natural cosmetics.

      Nature near cosmetic combines plant-based ingredients with chemical raw materials like paraffins, tensides or perfumes. The pure natural cosmetics, in contrary, use only nurturing and active substances from nature. Most originate from plants, some are from mineral (or animal – non in tubbubble products) origin.

      Children’s skin is 5 times thinner than grown-ups’. It is most important, during their early ages, to use products that shields their skin against wind, water, heat and cold - and maintain its natural acidic protective layer.

      Contrary to our natural products, some cosmetics use disputed ingredients like synthetic dyes and perfumes, silicones, petroleum based raw materials, parabens, chemical preservatives and artificial emulsifiers like PEGs.

      To give you an example, mineral oils won from petroleum create a layer on top of the skin and close the pores. Plant-based oils, on the contrary, such as in tubbubble, penetrate the epidermis and provide it with moisture and other nutrients from within.

      Only cultivated products can be called organic. Which, per definition, excludes the sea salt that is one of the main ingredients of tubbubble. But, of course, our sea salt is of natural origin with highest quality, coming from France (Bretagne), Australia and the Netherlands Antilles.

      Yes! Sustainable production is one of our goals. That’s why it is important to us to choose all ingredients and packaging carefully. The foil of our packages is made of highly recyclable aluminum, as thin as possible and as thick as needed so the products are safely preserved.

      The complete production process for tubbubble is water-free. So our unopened products do not have an expiration date. This has many advantages: Ingredients are concentrated, not diluted. And, if there is no water, there are no germs and that is why we can do without stabilizers and preservatives. Positive side effect: products without stabilizers and preservatives are better suited for persons with delicate skin.

      Our tip: store tubbubble in a dry and dark place at room temperature and use the products quickly after opening.