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      organic cocoa butter tubbubble ingredients

       Skin Care

      Theobroma Cocoa (Cocoa) Seed Butter, also called cocoa butter, is the fat obtained from the seeds of Theobroma Cacoa, a tree that yields pods with up to fifty seeds in them. The seeds are fermented, cleaned, roasted and cracked. Those cocoa nibs are ground to an oily paste called chocolate liquor. The fat removed from that liquor, under high pressure separates into cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Unlike most fats, the butter is not greasy, it has a harder consistency and smells similar to chocolate.

      Cocoa butter is used in the formulation of bath products, fragrances, cleansing products, depilatories, eye and facial makeup, hair conditioners, skin care products and suntan products to sooth and soften the skin. It creates a protective layer on exposed skin.

      tubbubble™ products have cocoa butter in them to slow down the loss of water from the skin, so the moisture is kept inside.