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      we want to make each bath count

      Make natural fun with tubbubble 
      Natural bath products are usually boring. Fun bath products are full of chemistry...   
      If nature is so much fun, why can't natural products be fun?
      We asked ourselves that question and came up with the answer: tubbubble!


       meet the mom behind tubbubble®


      Hi! I am a dentist and a manager of medical devices. Then I became the mom of a son that loves baths. Since he was little, water is his element. But he also has times where he does not want to get into a tub or shower at all!

      Adding something fun to his bath water always makes him jump right into the tub. But most bath products are for grownups and you don't really know if they are appropriate for the little ones. 

      So I created tubbubble to add joy to your kid's bath in a natural and wholesome way. Fun color, sound, foam, bubbles that clean and moisturize even the most delicate skin and makes them want to explore.

      Our mission is to make each bath count: take the exploration kids enjoy in nature into the bathtub, make it a creative learning experience that also takes care of the skin, give parents time to relax or give families a new activity together.

      And as we want our beloved nature to keep giving joy to future generations, it is our promise that our products will be natural and our packaging recycled, recyclable and/or compostable.

      I hope you enjoy each tubbubble as much as our family does!



      Dr. Raquel Neumann is the Founder & CEO of RNeumann LLC, creators of tubbubble™