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      All things bath...

      NEW: personalized greeting cards

      NEW: personalized greeting cards

      Your friends and family, young and grown-up will love to receive tubbubble as a gift. Especially during this time where everyone is at home and needs some time in the tub to relax.

      You can now include one of our 6 greeting cards and your personalized message in every tubbubble package you purchase! For example, our new tubbubble Wellness-at-Home Kits or our Full Fun Pack with one of each tubbubble pouches.

      Just write which card you want to send and what message on the Special Instructions to Seller field in your Shopping Cart (see below). 

      Choose your card and write your message in "Special Instructions for Seller" in your Shopping Cart

      Awesome Science Experiments for Kids

      Awesome Science Experiments for Kids
      This blog is to show you a couple of experiments you can easily do with things you do normally have at home. At least 30 minutes of a happy kid for each experiment. If you are not too picky with how clean your kitchen is, you can even leave them alone for a while and work, exercise, or sit alone in a room and breathe…

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      Why care about what we put in the tub? 1. The main ingredient

      We are thinking about what we eat and feed our kids all the time. We know organic is better and food that looks like a rainbow is probably not the healthiest. But we don’t think that using a bath bomb in our kids bathtub that fizzles beautifully in one or many bright colors could do any harm.

      Well it could. Unfortunately.

      This blog series will tell you what to look for, to avoid in cosmetics and bath products and what we chose as safe and clean alternative ingredients for tubbubble.

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      District Family Interview: Why tubbubble™?

      In this interview, I explain why tubbubble was created and what it is all about: ingredients, how to use the products, our efforts to support mother nature... A great introduction to our products in our launch week. Take a peek!

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