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      All things bath...

      Why care about what we put in the tub? 1. The main ingredient

      We are thinking about what we eat and feed our kids all the time. We know organic is better and food that looks like a rainbow is probably not the healthiest. But we don’t think that using a bath bomb in our kids bathtub that fizzles beautifully in one or many bright colors could do any harm.

      Well it could. Unfortunately.

      This blog series will tell you what to look for, to avoid in cosmetics and bath products and what we chose as safe and clean alternative ingredients for tubbubble.

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      District Family Interview: Why tubbubble™?

      In this interview, I explain why tubbubble was created and what it is all about: ingredients, how to use the products, our efforts to support mother nature... A great introduction to our products in our launch week. Take a peek!

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      Kids should not bathe every day... Too much soap is bad... 

      What? How can this be? In this first tubbubble Blog, I explain this and much more about bathing your kids and how to make bath time easier and fun.

      5 Things You Should Know About Bathing Your Kids. Enjoy reading!

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